Collink.3D Human Collagen BioInk

Collink.3DTM by CollPlant is the first and only human collagen bioink platform, based on plant-derived recombinant human type I Collagen (rhCollagen), allowing for perfect mimicry of native tissue or organ properties. It enables the scalable and reproduceable biofabrication of scaffolds, tissues and organs for 3D modeling and transplantation.  

Biofabricated constructs using Collink.3DTM offer superior biological performance, consistency and safety, and can be used in a variety of applications including drug discovery, drug screening and tissue testing, as well as development and manufacture of transplantable tissues, scaffolds and organs. Collink.3DTM is compatible with major 3D bioprinting technologies and cell types.

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Watch 3D bioprinted scaffolds using CollInk.3D-based BioInk:

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Collink.3D™: Ready, set, print!

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