3D Bioprinting

rhCollagen enables an unlimited supply of tissues and organs

Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering have seen unprecedented growth in the past decade, driving the field of artificial tissue models towards a revolution in future medicine. 3D bioprinting is gaining momentum in many medicinal applications to address the need for complex scaffolds required for generation of tissues and organs suitable for transplantation.

CollPlant’s rhCollagen-based BioInks offer ideal characteristics for 3D bioprinting, including optimal rheology, increased safety profile, biocompatibility and tuneable physical properties.

Bioprinting of soft tissue implant


3D bioprinting of trachea using CollPlant’s BioInk. Courtesy of United Therapeutics 1


30,000 organ transplants are done each year in the US, while 900,000 people die every year due to organ impairment. 3D bioprinting is expected to bridge this gap by allowing an unlimited supply of life-saving organs.


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