Our flagship rhCollagen-based BioInk product line is ideal for 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs.

  • Optimal rheology at room temperature
  • Non immunogenic
  • Excellent safety profile in clinical use (rhCollagen based products)
  • Biocompatible – supports viability of different cell types
  • Tunable physical and mechanical properties
  • Compatible with different photoinitiators for cross linking to cover the spectrum of 280nm- 500nm.
  • Already tested in several ongoing projects (tissues, organs and scaffolds).
  • Compatible with any printing technology: extrusion, ink-jet, LIFT, projection stereolithography

The unique properties of our BioInks make them compatible with different printing technologies while mimicking the physical properties of the native tissue or organ. Furthermore, CollPlant’s BioInks are characterized by optimal rheology, increased safety profile and biocompatibility.

CollPlant’s BioInk technology platform

CollPlant is a member of two consortiums:

  • Manufacturing USA initiative, the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute, ARMI ( ARMI brings together a consortium of over 100 partner organizations from industry, government, academia and the non-profit sector to develop next-generation manufacturing processes and technologies for cells, tissues and organs. ARMI will lead the Advanced Tissue Biofabrication (ATB) Manufacturing USA Institute on behalf of the Department of Defense.
  • Advanced biomanufacturing initiative, RegenMed Development Organization, ReMDO (, for the development of a universal BioInk with tunable properties for 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs.
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