Breast Implants


Breast augmentation and reconstruction through silicone implants, which are among the most popular surgical procedures, are associated with high risk for adverse events. Another procedure increasing in popularity for relatively small volume breast augmentation is an injectable scaffold composed of autologous fat tissue injected into the desired location for volume fill (fat transfer). The clinical outcome of this procedure is however quite limited due to a significant volume loss after a relatively short period.

CollPlant is advancing its development of injectable and 3D bioprinted breast implants for regeneration of breast tissue, aimed to overcome these challenges and provide a revolutionary alternative to the current practices.

Injectable breast implants

Injectable implants composed of rhCollagen, additional materials and fat cells taken from the patient are intended to promote breast tissue regeneration. The specific compositions are designed to support the viability and function of the autologous fat cells, and to attract cells to promote tissue regeneration. The scaffold is designed to gradually degrade and be replaced by newly grown natural breast tissue that is free of any foreign material.

3D Bioprinted breast implants

The implants in development will be bioprinted and loaded with compositions that are based on rhCollagen, autologous fat cells and ECM components. These implants are intended to promote tissue regeneration and degrade in synchronization with the development of a natural breast tissue.

The injectable and 3D bioprinted breast implants are under development and are not commercially available.

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