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Healing of chronic diabetic and venous wounds, pressure ulcers, traumatic injuries and surgical wounds is a major challenge faced by so many patients and their physicians. To heal them, the body needs to generate new tissue through utilization of it’s own natural resources which are often lacking. Now there is a solution: Vergenix™FG .

Vergenix™FG is an advanced wound care product based on our rhCollagen technology indicated for the management of chronic and acute wounds.

FG blisterVergenixFG

Vergenix™FG is unique. It is a flowable wound-filler of real human collagen derived from plants using a proprietary process. Vergenix™FG enhances the quality and closure speed of chronic and acute wounds.

What makes Vergenix™FG different?

  • Wounds heal faster
    Vergenix™FG fills the wound and comes into contact with surrounding tissue, recruiting the body’s own healing components for rapid and efficient tissue regeneration. Faster healing also reduces the risk of infection.
  • A single application is sufficient
    Vergenix™FG not only reduces treatment time, it also eases the burden on patients. A single application is all that is required to begin the tissue regeneration process.
  • It is made from truly human collagen
    CollPlant developed a patented process that enables it to produce genuine human collagen in plants. As a result, Vergenix™FG eliminates the risk of allergic response and exposure to animal pathogens, providing safer wound care.
  • It has been proven in use
    Clinical experience with Vergenix™FG shows significant clinical improvement in hard-to-treat cases.

Clinical Evidence

Some Case Studies from Europe

Male, 82 years old with venous lower limb ulcer with associated peripheral artery disease (PAD) stage IIB. Ulcer was diagnosed in 2015.

Before treatment Treatment
After wound debridement, Vergenix™FG was applied to the wound. At the time of treatment, a moderate to severe edema was present Pain VAS score was 7.0
30 days Results
Wound was in complete resolution within 30 days. Pain VAS score was reduced to 0.

Female, 86 years old with large pressure ulcer in sacral area.

Before treatment Treatment
Two VergenixFG kits were used to entirely fill the ulcer
30 days Results
Ulcer size reduced significantly over time, showing wound size reduction in the first weeks. Patient achieved complete wound closure within 15 weeks post treatment.

Male, 67 years old. Diabetic patient. Post operative wound following toe amputation.

Before treatment Treatment
VergenixFG was applied to the wound.
30 days Results
Wound fully healed within 3 months.

Male, 64 years old with neuropathic leg ulcer with history of ischemia, angioplasty and infection. Patient did not react to any other wound treatment/materials.

Before treatment Treatment
After wound debridement, VergenixFG was applied to the wound.
30 days Results
Wound fully healed within 3 months.

Physician Testimonial


Prof. Alberto Piaggesi
Director, Diabetic Foot Section, University of Pisa
Member of “Board of Directors” of Diabetic Foot Study Group
of European Association for the Study of Diabetes
Honorary Secretary – EWMA

It’s the most effective filler I used so far. It’s easy to be used, and in my surgical practice helps me in addressing problems with loss of substance after debridement or bone and joint removal for Osteomyelitis.
In a word: it works.”

Vergenix™FG is CE marked and approved for sales in Europe.
Vergenix™FG is not approved for sales in the USA.
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