Better biofunctionality in tissue regeneration

Our rhCollagen has superior biological function when compared to animal or human tissue derived collagen and has a number of useful physical characteristics, including thermal stability, or resistance to decomposition at high temperatures, and a pristine triple helix, according to data published in peer reviewed scientific publications. The triple helix structure of collagen is formed when two α 1 protein chains and one α 2 protein chain wind together along a common axis. In the formation of rhCollagen, this structure is achieved without modifications that can lead to defects in the triple helix structure, thereby leading to a pristine triple helix identical to the form found in nature. A pristine triple helix enables superior binding, which accelerates primary human cell proliferation. Collagen scaffolds of our rhCollagen support endothelial, fibroblast, and keratinocyte cell attachment and proliferation. In all cell types tested, cell proliferation was significantly better in scaffolds made of rhCollagen than in commercially available scaffolds made of bovine collagen. The accelerated cell proliferation achieved with our rhCollagen results in faster wound healing, less scarring, and higher quality tissue regeneration.

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