Improved safety and greater purity

Our pure rhCollagen does not induce an immunogenic response, whereas impurities carried over from the source of tissue derived collagen can lead to immune system rejection. In vitro studies performed under an academic collaboration have demonstrated that rhCollagen incubated with activated THP1 macrophages produces significantly lower levels of inflammatory cytokines compared with bovine collagen. This demonstrates that animal derived collagen can provoke a foreign body response not seen with rhCollagen, which delays healing and increases scarring. Further, with our rhCollagen, there are no potential side effects in the growth of tissue because there are no residues of growth Factors originated in the extracted tissue. In addition, with tissue derived collagen, there is a possibility that the animal or human from which the collagen was produced was infected with a virus, prion, or other pathogen. With our rhCollagen there is no risk of transmitting diseases and pathogens.

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