Superior homogeneity

Since CollPlant’s rhCollagen is synthesized by five human genes in tobacco plants producing pure molecules that are repeatable and identical to type I human collagen, it is more homogenous than collagen derived from animal or human tissue sources. The high level of homogeneity of our rhCollagen allows the formulation of extremely high concentrations of soluble triple helix Type I collagen, up to 150-200mg/ml, which is at least 10 to 100 times higher than the concentration achieved with tissue derived collagen. The high concentration of homogeneous monomeric collagen is of particular importance where strong collagen fibers are needed for 3 D scaffolds. The homogeneity of our rhCollagen enables us to engineer consistent and reproducible products with a controlled degradation rate which can be optimized to the targeted indication. Achieving the same level of engineered performance would be difficult, if not impossible, with tissue derived collagen that varies from batch to batch.

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